Modular Access Systems, LLC services your unloading and loading rack needs, 
                                supplying the most cost effective fall protection for your loading racks. Experience has proven the 
                                best loading and unloading access equipment must provide fall protection. 
                                Fall protection means security for your personnel and a productive loading and 
                                unloading operation. Engineered and manufactured for fall protection, designed 
                                for standard loading and unloading requirements, our platforms, loading racks, 
                                and gangways are manufactured with safety in mind. Modular Access Systems 
                                delivers your project on time and under budget!

Trolley Beam Lifelines for Truck and Rail provide OSHA Compliant Fall Protection

Modular Access Systems, LLC offers I-Beam systems that can be adapted to fit existing loading and unloading stations. We offer replacement lifeline body harnesses and retractable lifelines. These lifelines offer fall protection from end to end, offering solutions otherwise not available.

Trolley Beam and Lifeline Fall Protection Features:

  • Hands-free operation.
  • Single or multiple line systems.
  • Economical solution to multi-car access.
  • Can be configured to meet your specific requirements.
  • Utilizes a self-retracting lifeline to allow freedom of movement.
  • Meets and/or exceeds all applicable OSHA standards as we interpret them.

Trolley Beam and Lifelines for Railcars for OSHA Compliant Fall Protection

Rail Trolley Beam Lifeline
Trolley Beam Lifeline for railcars
Trolley Beam Life Line
Railcar lifeline

Trolley beam systems and lifeline systems are commonly used for hopper car access. These systems are usually used for long spans of hopper cars in order to open the hatches for loading and unloading. More often than not, clients will use lifeline systems for this application due to cost restraints. A lifeline uses fewer supports than a trolley system. Fewer supports equates to fewer foundations and that means lower cost. A lifeline system does have some deflection and as a result, we do not recommend them for trucks. They are, however suitable for hopper car access because of the height difference. No lifeline or trolley beam system should be used over a flammable product due to the hindrance of fire egress.

Trolley Beam and Lifelines for Trucks for OSHA Compliant Fall Protection

Trolley beam systems are very well suited to access hopper trucks and for tarping applications. They are a cost effective method for providing fall protection for a truck that needs to be traversed or have multiple hatches opened or closed. We do not recommend lifeline systems for truck applications due to the deflection caused by a fall with a wire system. However, a trolley beam is very rigid and the arrest is immediate, so it is very suitable for truck applications.