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Fall Protection for Trucks and Railcars

Modular Access Systems, LLC services your unloading and loading rack needs, supplying the most cost effective fall protection for your loading racks. Experience has proven the best loading and unloading access equipment must provide fall protection. Fall protection means security for your personnel and a productive loading and unloading operation. Engineered and manufactured for fall protection, designed for standard loading and unloading requirements, our platforms, loading racks, and gangways are manufactured with safety in mind. Modular Access Systems delivers your project on time and under budget!

Our products are designed and manufactured with a modular approach which moves more of the welding and metal fabrication to our shop floor and away from your job site. This standardized approach greatly reduces your installation time and cost and improves product quality.

Modular Access Systems’ manufacturer’s engineers have standardized our platforms, loading racks, safety bridges and gangways by surveying hundreds of unloading and loading racks and developing a common standard. Our engineers started with the standard heights of trucks and rail cars that our customers use and then integrated the OSHA guidelines for fall protection. Then we developed a product line of loading platforms, loading racks, bridges, and gangways that we pre-manufacture that meets this combined set of standards.

Our standard loading platforms, loading racks, safety bridges and gangways are stocked and ready for shipping. All of our equipment comes with approval drawings as well as foundation designs for our standard unloading and loading racks.

By using a standard pre-manufactured loading platform, loading rack, safety bridge or gangway, the time between order and delivery is greatly reduced and you get peace of mind by meeting OSHA guidelines for fall protection. Our job is to make you look good by delivering your loading platforms, loading racks, bridges and gangways on time and under budget.

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